Successful & Inspiring Stories of Ideal Protein

We know weight loss is a hard journey, we are inspired by these great people in our clinic and we are here to help you to reach your desired  weight!

Sherrie Miller, Clearspring, MD

Lost 123 Ibs, 64 Inches in 11 months


I started Ideal Protein at Allegany Chiropractic Center on 11/2/2015.  I lost 123 pounds and 64 inches in a year and phased off.  I have been an overweight person since I was 16 and have tried every diet out there and never had the success that I have had with Ideal Protein. It can be done!!  Terry and Dr. Alex are so amazing to take this journey with.  Terry provides the knowledge and encouragement needed every week to succeed.  


Allegany Chiropractic Center in Hagerstown is dedicated to help you to reach your desired weight and fitness level. 


Martin Robinson, Hagerstown, MD

Lost 67 Ibs, 37 inches in 5 months


Mark Claiborne, Hagerstown, MD

Lost 123Ibs, 46 Inches in 10 months

Tiffany Toms, Hagerstown, MD

Lost 64 Ibs, 36 Inches in 7 months

Wendy Werner, Hagerstown, MD

Lost 67 Ibs, 34 Inches in 6 months

Tom Evans, Hedgesville, WV 

Lost 91.4 Ibs, 37 inches in 7 months


My story is the same as a lot of people.  I struggled with being overweight most of my adult life.  I tried many things to loose weight.  I experimented with many different diets, lose weight, go off the diet, gain the weight back plus some.  Step up the exercise program, lose some weight, get tired of exercising, gain the weight back plus some.  I figured I was just destined to be heavy the rest of my life.


I got an email from my Chiropractic clinic in early fall of 2014, saying that they had this weight loss program that really worked.  Skeptical, like most, I attended the seminar that they offered.  They explained the program and how it had a 70% success rate.  What they said made sense.  I thought, OK, what the heck, it won't hurt to try it.


I began the program in October 2014, setting my weight loss goal at 80 lbs.  I lost 12 lbs the 1st week, knowing that some of that was water weight, but it was still very encouraging.  Almost every week after that, I lost an average of 3-5 lbs a week.  I am not going to tell you it was always easy, you really have to want this to make it happen, but if you follow this program and do what you are told, your weight loss goals are obtainable.


By March 2015, I hit my goal of 80 lbs and decided to go for my dream weight.  By April 2015, I had lost 90 lbs!  I have been able to maintain this weight +/- 5 lbs since April 2015.  I actually weigh a few lbs less now than my wedding day almost 25 years ago!  I went from a size 42 in waist to a 32 in waist, and 2XL shirts to L shirts.  I am 54 years old, take ZERO medications and I feel as good as I ever have in my adult life.


Do not hesitate to do this.  This program is a life changer.  Do it for yourself and your loved ones.  You'll be a better person for it!


Allegany Chiropractic Center in Hagerstown is dedicated to help you to reach your desired weight and fitness level. 

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